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Charles White

Nature is my stimulus: the sky, wind, water, plants, trees, birds, animals, and people. I work to imply a feeling of movement and emotion. I do not try to recreate nature in detail; to me that is more craft than art. I deal with ideas, not decoration.

I try to communicate ideas through three dimensional objects. I work hard at making my sculptures appealing to all people, be it the art critic or the average person on the street. I feel art is for all people, not just those who can afford it. I want my sculpture to stimulate people and to have an inner spirit and a soul. I want to cause people to think and be creative in their thinking.

I work in all media, but my main passion is for metal, welded or cast. The artists who have influenced me are mainly metal sculptors: David Smith, Alexander Calder, Richard Hunt, Theodore Roszak, and Isamu Noguchi. Although these artists have been a stimulus, I have no intention of copying their styles or anyone else's style. I try to create from my own point of origin. Creative style is each artist's own signature.

I try to communicate my own ideas in my own way, and I hope people will enjoy viewing my sculptures as much as I enjoy making them.

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