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Karen Stene

Karen Stene was born, raised and educated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Having been born into a creative family, her art talent was recognized at an early age.

Karen studied art in Vancouver and in San Miguel, Mexico. She also graduated from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She now resides in Florida. She is a habitual adventurer and world traveler. Traveling the world on a beautiful self-built sailboat, Karen finds inner peace on the sea where she is mesmerized by the depth of color and ever-changing light that inspires sensations that find a home on her lavish canvases.

Using layer upon layer of acrylic paint, which creates an oil-like appearance, Karen will often add gold or copper leaf to her work that gives a glint of richness to her luxuriant tropical and Mediterranean loggias, verandas and roomscapes.

She has developed a method that creates a feeling of deterioration of past wealth that conveys an old world quality in her enchanting scenes.

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