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Ronald & Sheila Ruiz

Both natives of Southern California, Ron and Sheila married in 1984. While each was involved in other careers at the time, they found they shared another love . . . the world of fine art. Their artistic backgrounds paralleled as they were both raised in families that provided a strong influence in art.

Ron's early artistic life was guided by his mother, who was an artist for Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera Studios. Ron obtained a BA degree from the California University system. Sheila's interest in art began at the age of eight while attending art classes with her mother, a talented painter. She continued her art education, learning from many well-known California artists, attending private art schools and university classes.

Early in their marriage, Ron and Sheila rekindled their artistic interests. Their first works were oil on canvas. Ron was first to explore the three-dimensional art form. They both found they loved the tactile feeling and "hands-on" experience of working with clay. With extended study in sculpture and anatomy, they translated their experience and talents into bronze sculpture.

Ron and Sheila's thoughts and choice of style in bronze sculpture were alike, initially choosing the human form, highlighting grace, movement and energy. The Ruiz's desire to create unique sculpture also includes the use of colorful, luminescent patina to enhance and individualize each piece. Their work has remained in a collaborative effort. They not only share their ideas about the next sculpture they will create, they actually work on each other's image, making their sculptures a true joint project.

The Ruiz's have won numerous awards in juried shows and have been featured in news articles and art publications. Their sculpture is included in the private collections of corporations and motion picture and sports celebrities. Recently, they completed a commissioned sculpture for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team.

Some of our current series take advantage of the pure color of glass in the form of shard drawings. Shard drawings are basically abstract assemblages of colored glass shards, cane, stringer, and murrini. The vessel's form becomes the canvas upon which the shard drawing is displayed.

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