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Ulla Darni

"When I sit at my table in front of a blank shade or my lighted easel with a chandelier, all thoughts leave me. With no sense of time or place, I just begin to paint. Often I am the one most surprised when I see the finished glass. I feel that I have given myself to a greater power. I really did not do the painting, but instead allowed my higher consciousness to flow."
- Ulla Darni

Ulla Darni, a native of Denmark, studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Her education led to a position at Royal Copenhagen of Denmark where, as a designer and painter of porcelain, the technique and experience she gained would bring her much success in the years to come. Her acting and singing career brought her to the United States, but it was painting that kept her here. Ms. Darni has exhibited at the Bronx Museum, Lever House Gallery and the Empire State Plaza. A frequent award winner, Ulla Darni has received several "Best in Show" awards and the "Memorial Award" at the Salmagundi Club. "First Prize" from the Pen and Brush Club led to a solo exhibition where she introduced her truly magnificent one-of-a-kind reverse hand painted "Ulla" lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces.

Each piece is created from free blown glass and hand painted "in reverse" by Ulla Darni. Upon completion, she signs and numbers each piece and applies her fingerprint. Her signature, "Ulla" along with her fingerprint, is registered with the Library of Congress. The ironwork and cast bronze bases are all designed by Ulla Darni and hand forged by European master craftsmen in old world tradition. The result is a completely original work of art by Ulla Darni, copyrighted and accompanied by a "Letter Of Authenticity."

"Ulla" lamps are on permanent display in museums in Japan as well as in the prestigious Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The Royal Arts Gallery located in Osaka is the exclusive distributor for that country. Her work is also included in the art collection of her Royal Highness Princess Benedict of Denmark. In a show of watercolors with His Royal Highness Prince Charles, two of Ms. Darni's lamps sold for $21,000 each. "Ulla" lamps are now represented in fine galleries throughout the United States and worldwide.

Michel Roux, President and CEO of Carillon Importers, and a collector of Ulla Darni's work, commissioned her to design a martini glass for Bombay Sapphire Gin's international campaign "Pour Something Priceless." The overwhelming response to this glass led to a very special Limited Edition of 100 glasses, each originally painted by Ms. Darni, which were sold worldwide. The edition is now sold out.

To say that she found her niche would be an understatement as her lamps, chandeliers and sconces have made her one of the most recognized and world renowned artists today. Whether it is her romantic florals, whimsical aquatics, infinite abstracts, intrinsic landscapes or lush tropicals, there is always something that appeals to each collector. Ed Malakoff, owner of the Pairpont Museum, refers to Ulla Darni as "The Tiffany Of Tomorrow" because of the caliber of her talent and the exclusivity of her art.

The Art of Reverse Painting

Reverse painting involves painting on the inside of a glass surface. The chandelier, lamp, sconce or lantern is then lighted and viewed through its lightly frosted exterior. This technique adds depth and three dimensionality to the artwork. The ironwork for Ulla Darni chandeliers, lamps, sconces and lanterns is designed by Ulla and handforged by European master craftsman in old world tradition. The result is a completely original work of art. The ironwork for chandeliers is available as standard hanging ironwork as well as with ceiling mount assembly for height-restricted areas.

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