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Manuel G. Avendano

Manuel G. Avendano is a Mexican figure painter known for his use of the human figure and the every-day Hispanic scenes to convey emotional expression.

Born in San Luis Sonora, Mexico, from a family that "moved from town to town a lot", Avendano began drawing Mexican scenes at a very young age, and it soon became clear that his mission in life was to never stop creating art.

"Having lived in several small and major cities in Mexico gave me a great source of inspiration".

A self taught artist, he has experimented for decades with all painting media and has made additions from old masters' techniques, and merged them into his own style.

Among his highest achievements, is having been commissioned in 2006 by the Mexican political party PAN to create a portrait of former Mexican President Vicente Fox. That same year he was hired to paint a portrait of Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, followed by the making of the portrait of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, which now hangs on the walls of Los Pinos, the official residence and office of the President in Mexico City.

The artist now lives and paints in San Diego CA.

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