Seriset - A seriset is similar to a serigraph. A serigraph is
normally called a hand pulled serigraph in that each silk
screen is hand pulled. A seriset is the same process but the
screens are mechanically pulled.
Signature - Theartist's signature applied to the original
work as it appears in a print - or more frequently, the artist's
signature in pencil on each copy of a print.
Signed and Numbered (s/n)- A print bearing an original
signature and copy/edition numbers.
Signed in the Plate - Refers to the artist's signature on an
original work as it appears in a print.
Signed Only (SO)- A print signed by the artist but not
numbered. (See Open Edition)
Sold Out - Said of a limited edition print once it is no longer
available at issue price and is being sold instead at
secondary market prices.
Substrate The canvas, paper, or other material on which
the image is printed.
Tempera - Pigments mixed with a water-soluble base such
as casein, size, or egg yolk. Tempera dries with a flat, dull
Time-Limited Edition An edition whose size is
established by the number of orders a publisher receives
during a set period of time. (See Commission Print)
Triptych (trip-tik) - A work of art done in three separate
panels. (See Diptych)