Plein Air - Means "Open Air" or "Outdoors". Often done
quickly or on the spot. These paintings are usually less
detailed and more impressionistic.
Portfolio Prints by one artist that are grouped together
and sold as a set.
Poster - A reproduction that is usually printed in unlimited
quantities with a lower grade of paper and inks than limited-
or open-edition prints.
Press Proof - (PP) Off press proofing can be useful in
predicting quality of materials prior to production printing.
Small quantities of ink and small sheet sizes can be studied
quickly for physical and optical performance properties.
Provenance - Record of ownership for a work of art, ideally
from the time it left the artist's studio to its present location,
thus creating an unbroken ownership history.
Publisher - A company whose business is to produce and
market prints.
Rag Paper - Paper containing a certain proportion of cotton
fiber in its physical structure used for prints. The higher the
cotton content the higher quality the paper.
Remarque (re mark') - small original drawing or sketch
made by an artist in the margin of a print. Remarques
originally were used to identify certain stages in the process
of preparing a plate for printing. Now, however, they
represent the means by which artists personalize prints.
Reproduction - An original work of art that has been
replicated by photographic or other methods.
Restrikes - Additional prints made after the original edition
has been exhausted.