the recombining of those colors on a printing press. Most
posters and open-edition prints and many limited-edition
prints are offset lithographs.
Oil - Paint made of pigment mixed with oil usually linseed.
The oil serves to keep the paint fluid for a period of time and
then as a drying and hardening agent.
Open Edition - A print produced with no predetermined
limit to the number of copies that might be made. Open
edition prints may or may not be signed by the artist.
Original Lithograph - Original pieces of art created on the
printing press by an artist or master printer who creates the
master plates and executes the printing process. No original
exists from which the prints are reproduced, and each print
is an original work of art.
Original Painting - A one-of-a-kind image created by an
artist that often sells for several thousands of dollars.
Original Prints - Prints, such as serigraphs or original
lithographs that are created without the use of photography.
They are original because every print in an edition is created
directly by the artist and may vary slightly from the other
prints in the edition.
Overall Print Size - The physical dimensions of the paper
upon which a print is made.
Pastel - Ground-up pigment mixed with gum and formed
into crayons used for drawing. Also denotes a soft, pale
shade of any color and additionally, any work of art made
with pastels.