empty space left by the lost wax in the second mold thus
forms a "bucket"--shaped just like the sculpture--which is
later filled with molten bronze.
Margin - The white unprinted area surrounding a printed
Matting Decorative board used in framing that provides
contrast between the image and the molding. Most matting
is acid-free and is an important part of the conservation
framing technique.
Medallion - Cast-metal medallions sometimes are issued in
conjunction with the publication of prints, especially stamp
prints. Design of the medallion artwork usually duplicates
some portion of the print. Such medallions can be gold-
plated, silver, bronze or even pewter.
Medium (plural: media) - The material or technique used in
creating a work of art. Oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolor,
bronze, wood, and stone are all examples of artistic media.
Mixed Media - An artwork combing two or more artistic
media - for example, scratchboard and paint, pencil and
watercolor - bronze and wood.
Molding A piece of wood, plastic, metal, or other material
used to frame a piece of art.
Numbered - Each copy of a limited edition print is marked
with two numbers separated by a slash mark. The first
number identifies the particular copy, and the second
indicates edition size: 42/950, for instance, identifies print
number 42 of a 950-copy edition.
Offset Lithograph A photomechanical reproduction
created by the separation of colors in the original and then