Hand-embellished A term used to describe prints to
which an artist has added color or washes after the piece
has been printed. (See Artist Enhanced)
Hors d'Commerce Proof (HC) - Print identical to the
edition print intended to be used as samples to show to
dealers and galleries. These proofs may or may not be
signed by the artist
Image Size - Actual dimensions of a printed image. This
refers only to the image itself and not to the size of the
paper it is printed on.
International Editions- A series of prints/canvas that are
distributed outside the country where the artist resides.
Issue Price - The original price of a limited edition print
when first offered for retail sale.
Limited Edition Print A reproduction of an original work
of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist.
The total number of prints is fixed or limited by the artist or
the publisher. Limited editions can be offset lithographs,
digital prints, serigraphs or any other type of reproduction.
Linocut - An image cut into the surface of linoleum, usually
mounted on a block of wood. The surface is then inked,
wiped, and the image transferred to paper by pressure.
Lithography - Originally, a method of printing using a
smooth slab of porous stone upon which an image is drawn
with a grease crayon. After the drawing is made, the artist
or printer treats the entire surface with solutions of gum
Arabic and nitric acid. The gum Arabic surrounds the grease
and at the same time chemically prevents ink from adhering
to the undrawn areas; the nitric acid helps the grease and
the gum Arabic penetrate the pores of the stone. The plate