Countersignature - Signature of someone other than the
artist that adds either additional authenticity or historical
value to a limited-edition print.
Dealers - Galleries, collectible shops or individuals who
carry and sell artwork. Authorized dealers are those who, by
signed agreement, carry and sell the artwork represented by
certain print publishers.
Diptych (dip'tik) - A painting done in two separate panels.
Each part is a complete work in itself, but when presented
together they form a larger fully integrated work.
Digital Print - A reproduction in which a digital file of an
original painting is printed by a special inkjet printer that
sprays ink directly onto the surface of a substrate. These
digital prints, sometimes called Giclées or iris prints, can
match the colors of the original with millions of possible
hues. (See Giclée)
Distributor - A person or company responsible for
marketing and selling prints and supplying prints to galleries.
Sometimes the publisher and distributor are the same entity.
Dry Mount - Framing method in which a print is fastened to
a stiff backing with non-liquid adhesive. Dry mounting is not
recommended for prints of any value.
Dry Point - A free-hand drawing scratched or engraved on
a metal plate with a sharp tool. The plate is inked and then
wiped to remove all ink except what remains within the cut
grooves. Paper is laid over the plate and the ink transferred
to it using rollers under high pressure. Dry points are often
incorrectly called "etchings".
Edition - The number of printed copies made of an original
work. The standard phrase "edition size" therefore refers to