Chromolithography - A color-printing process in which
separate printing plates are used to apply each component
color. Often called "four-color printing because the full range
of color tones are achieved with only four plates - red, blue,
yellow and black.
Coated Paper - Paper manufactured with a thin surface
coating of clay. This coating produces an extremely sharp,
finely detailed image because it prevents ink from
penetrating the paper fibers.
Color-Variant Suite - A set of identical prints in different
color schemes.
Commission - To order an original work from an artist.
Commission Print - Also called "time-limited edition" print.
The number of orders received as of an established deadline
date determines the edition size of this print.
Condition - A print's physical condition influences its market
value. Condition typically is described as ranging from "mint"
- completely undamaged and original - to "poor." A poor-
condition print may be creased, torn, water or tape-
blemished, trimmed smaller than its original size or
otherwise damaged.
Conservation Framing - Methods of mounting and
framing that preserve a print in original mint condition. One
important aspect of conservation framing is that all material
in actual contact with the print contains no chemicals that
might eventually damage the paper or the inked image.
These materials are usually described as "acid-free". UV
protection is also considered in conservation framing.