Artist Proof (AP)- Often numbered, these copies of a
limited edition print are signed and typically titled "Artist
Proof." Artist proofs originally were the first copies printed
and were used to indicate the artist's approval of color
reproduction and other mechanical aspects of the printing
process. Once prized as best quality copies (see
Lithography), artist proofs now exist solely as part of the
printmaking tradition and are of a quality similar to the
standard edition print. Artist's proofs are distinguished by
the abbreviation AP and are numbered separately. They
often represent 10 percent of an edition and are slightly
more expensive than prints in the regular edition.
Cancellation Proof - Final print made once an edition
series has been finished to show that the plate has been
marred/mutilated by the artist, and will never be used again
to make more prints of the edition.
Canvas Print - A reproduction in which an image is printed
directly onto canvas. These prints can be produced using
offset lithography, digital printing or other methods.
Sometimes artists will add brush strokes directly onto the
canvas after the piece has been printed.
Canvas Transfer - A reproduction in which inks are
chemically lifted off a piece of paper and applied to a piece
of canvas. Some processes can replicate the texture and
appearance of an original painting.
Certificate of Authenticity - A warranty card or statement
of authenticity of a limited edition print that records the title
of the work, the artist's name, the edition size and the print's
number within the edition, the number of artist's proofs and
the release date. It is a guarantee that the edition is limited
and that the image will not be published again in the same