A Personal Message From Klim Altman
Some time ago in discussion about the direction the world of
fine art is taking, with my friend, Hyatt Hotel developer,
Bruce M. Goldstein, I was brought to the realization of
exactly how readily available, on a global level, fine art is
becoming. I think we all live in a very exciting time where
everyone of us has the sudden ability to purchase, acquire
and benefit from stunning works of art. Every one of our
homes no matter how humble or how simple can be adorned
with art not out of place in any museum. So I wanted to
write a book to help all those who are becoming part of this
rapidly expanding art renaissance.
My agenda for this book is simple. I'm not concerned
with you purchasing the book; I'm concerned with making
this information openly available and inspiring a body of
collectors who feel comfortable with the art world. I want
you to understand there is nothing mystic about art and for
you to become a more educated consumer, because in the
end an educated consumer will benefit the art world,
themselves, artists, my gallery and all other reputable art
dealers in the industry.
Find your empowerment, as an individual to say, "that
really is... exactly the right thing I want to have in my life."
"This is the art which touches my soul ennobles
my being and brings me to tears of awe."
This book is my sincere and honest opinion about the
subject of fine art as I have experienced it and lived it. To
all those who read this book and agree to test my advice for
yourself, I want to shake your hand and congratulate you.