Showing Up At The Art Show
Art shows are powerfully valuable. They offer you a
taste of international art and exotic beauty usually in the
comfort of your hometown or state. There are several types
of art shows, beginning with the trade show. Trade shows
are usually for industry players only, but have some days
open to the general viewing public.  The artists and
publishers arrange these shows and the great experience
here is you are able to interact directly either with the
publishers or artists themselves.
The very contemporary art shows, such as Art Basel,
Sofa, ArtCo and many others around the planet are definitely
an exercise in curiosity. The fine art attendee will see things
they would have never conceived. I've actually walked into
a show to find a bathtub filled with wooden planks exhibited
next to a plain metal door strapped onto the floor... both of
course were art objects.  These shows are definitely
something worth attending just for the curiosity value if for
nothing else and the drinks.
The Sunday show at a local venue with the local
artists is absolutely worth attending. Explore your taste
by going to several outdoor art shows. You'll get a nice tan,
have a quiet time walking around, take in some
refreshments, and maybe spot one or two things not
very expensive you like that will make a beautiful
addition to your home.
If you're shopping an art show with very well-known
artists chances are most of the artwork should go up in
value, but nothing's guaranteed. If you do spot an artist
who looks promising, do your research.  If you are in a
smaller show with not-so-well-known artist then as always...
you be the judge.