Chapter 16
Shock Art And Art Shows
Many of us have heard the term Shock Art, which is
also known as conceptual art, avant-garde, or very
contemporary art.  We've all come in contact with an
outrageous object someone else was calling art and we were
calling someone's trash. The majority of us will view these
works as strange and curious, wondering who would want to
create or buy such artwork.
Conceptual art is a very small fringe part of the art
world as a whole, which often produces pieces no one in the
art industry understands.  Yet a series of upside down
urinals cost $75,000 a piece in a Soho gallery. At an art
exhibition in Madrid, a dead horse in the middle of the floor
was selling for several hundred thousand dollars. It's my
opinion the art community as a whole, and particularly the
conceptual art community, is way more interested in the
reaction caused by art and the shock value of it as opposed
to producing works of a more inspiring nature. CNN news
gets a reaction from people; this doesn't mean I
want to make it a permanent part of my life.
This art is more intention than design, which means
the artist has thought through their art with the intention of
getting a controversial reaction, which draws notice to their
name.  Artists hope to make themselves stand out and
become well know in order to establish a reputation and sell
more of their work.
The art world considers this as a way for new artists
to make their mark. The unsung motto seems to be "the
stranger the better." When artist set this as their goal,
you will find they work on weirder and more disgusting ways
of cultivating a reaction.  Many artists take it upon