The Final Frame
There're a couple of notes on framing I think
important to include at this point in our tour...
Gallery wrap is neither a gallery nor a wrap. It's a
style of framing, but there is no `frame.' The painting is
the framing.  This is achieved by having the image run
beyond the border of the canvas. It can either continue into
a black color or one complimentary to the painting. This
wrap is usually used on artwork with more trendy or
commercial subject matter. When done properly the gallery
wrap has a sleek contemporary look. This permits you to
hang the piece without having to spend money on a
If you're thinking of buying your art with the gallery's
frame, compare your final price to the artist retail price list.
This will give you a good indication of how much you're
paying for the frame. If you're in doubt, buy your piece
unframed and just get a framing list of what the gallery
used, go home and check it out for yourself.
If you're nervous about damage to your artwork and
its framing, have your frame professional steer you toward
frames with more impact resistance and durability. Some
frame types stand up to rough handling so long as you're
not drop testing them from third floor windows. In most
home environments, I would suggest getting a sturdy frame,
this way should you move, accidentally bump it or throw a
shoe at the kids but miss and hit the frame you have a
better chance for its survival.
If you have a collectable artwork do not allow your
framer to adhere this artwork with anything or to
anything other than products which can be naturally