Chapter 14
Framing Your Art
Framing is probably the most important thing you will
ever do to enhance your viewing pleasure of wall art.
Choosing what frame you like is a subjective thing
and the more aware of your taste you are the longer
you will enjoy your choice. There are guidelines on the
do's and don'ts for framing artwork you can use to help
enhance your experience.
When you are looking for framers make sure the
framer is experienced in the type of artwork you
have purchased. This is especially critical if you own a
Giclée, because there is the danger of overstretching and
cracking the piece as it's being mounted for framing.
When you deal with a framer at first ask for references and
call them.
If you're stumped, ask the gallery for advice. If you
shopped with a local gallery, they may know a framer in
your hometown. Also, they may be able to advise you on
what they used in the gallery to frame your work, allowing
you to bring the list to the framer and have those materials
put in front of you to see if it's something you're going to
If you are framing a paper artwork do not in
anyway alter or deface the paper, it will negatively
impact the value of the artwork. You may see "extra paper"
and be tempted to have the framer snip it off- don't! You
will loose money on the value of the work. But with
canvas once it's stretched framers will trim an excess to help
better fit the art into the frame.