How To Show Off Your Art...
With Out Being A Show Off
Having achieved something this special you'd love to
share it with others. By having it in your home it is an open
invitation for all to enjoy and draw from. When showing the
works to others I like to keep it soft. If a guest asks you
about a particular piece you're entitled to be proud of it and
inform them as much as they care to learn.  However
holding an impromptu "museum tour" is probably going to
wear thin quickly
Your art collection is an incredible value to you.
Other people may have a different taste from yours. What
you think is a fascinating story of how you met the artist and
spent 2 hours in her studio speaking about the reason and
why she paints ecological disaster areas in oil may have your
guest standing with a forced smile.
I've been treated to a few of these home tours while
visiting as a dinner guest and the host wanted to get my
personal advice on... every piece in their home.
Including ones in the bathroom. And each piece has a story
of where it came from, how much it cost and why they
chose it. Several martinis have often failed to keep me civil.
If you have friends with children coming to visit it's
definitely good form to inform them ahead of time
about your artwork. A straightforward approach I use
when friends with children are planning to visit for the first
time; is saying to them, "You know this is a great
opportunity to talk to the children about the importance of
art and how it's different from their toys." But at the end
of the day don't let the big guest reach out and touch