halogen light too close to the surface of the sculpture.
Acrylics base melting point is around 110 degrees
Fahrenheit.  Which means an improperly placed
halogen bulb will generate enough heat to cause
discoloration and melting in your sculpture.
When you are lighting a Lucite or acrylic sculpture,
know they can benefit equally from the right lighting being
placed either in the pedestal below or a hanging halogen
light from above. The key to successfully lighting the piece
is having a powerful enough bulb to bring light all the way
through the sculpture, thereby activating the intent of the
When you are lighting a sculpture with
embedment remember the embedment will not be
visible in highly lit areas. If you plan to put it in a
window chances are you'll be disappointed with the result.
You won't be able to see the sculpture's embedment or it
will appear very ghost like. The best way for displaying
acrylic is through the proper pedestal, which allows a
halogen light to provide pristine illumination to the sculpture.
Just as important to the display as the lighting is background
You want a dark color contrast in the background of
where you're displaying your acrylic. It can be black, smoke
grey, dark burgundy; even a burgundy would be sufficient to
bring out enough contrast. The background is vitally
important because you will find without contrast you
cannot fully enjoy the effect of the embedment.
When it comes to choosing a pedestal for your
bronze, the number of manufactures and options
available are countless.  So long as your choice is
calibrated for the right weight you can go with anything you
like. I personally encourage you to use the motif of your