Putting Your Love On A Pedestal
Pedestals can be considered like a piece of fine
furniture.  They are there to enhance the sculpture and
support the weight, but your pedestal will also sit in
your home and much like your art become a part of
the environment and a reflection your taste.
I recommended that whatever you pick enhances the
look of your sculpture. But also keep in mind it must be
made to hold the weight of your piece. Anything you can
buy stock from magazines or stores is not calibrated to hold
the weight of heavy bronzes. And few things are more
likely to spell disaster for your favorite end table
than placing an 80 lb. bronze on top of it.
I know...
Some years ago I placed a 30 lb. bronze on a
tempered glass end table, which at first appeared to be
supporting the weight well. But then it slowly began to
crack and almost in a blink shattered. The sculpture was
caught it in time, but the end table was a complete loss.
If you have an acrylic or Lucite sculpture I highly
recommend Lucite pedestals. A number of manufactures
produce pedestals out of clear acrylic, making them to
blend perfectly with the sculpture and provide the
ideal lighting. Most pedestals for acrylics will come with
halogen lighting already built in. This creates a flow and a
life where it appears as if you are looking at sculpted light.
Hark unto me o' lovers of Lucite! No matter how
good the deal is, do not have `Bob the-handy-man' build
your pedestal. He does not know the heat tolerances
of acrylics. Hundreds of priceless acrylic works have been
destroyed because the tradesman unknowingly placed the