Lighting Your Sculpture
The good news is the same can and track
lighting, which works for wall art, can be used to
light most of your sculptures.  The more challenging
news however is that bronze sculptures realistically need to
be lit from all sides.  If you only have one light at the
moment, have it hang over the sculpture showering it in
down light. Make sure it's focused upon the subject of the
sculpture, allowing light to roll across the rest.
As light cascades off the sculpture your eyes
should be lead to embrace and cradle every detail
within the piece. If it is an abstract piece use your best
judgment as to where the subject of interest lies.
When it comes to glass sculptures light is the
lifeblood of this media. If the lighting is poor these
sculptures will not live up to expectation. And when
well lit they are something of incredible grace and beauty.
Glass as a general rule will not have problems with
ultra violet light and is a very good item to put in the
Different types of glass sculptures benefit from
different styles of display. If the glass is translucent and
allows light to pass through, this glass will benefit from a
back lit display. Which means if you put it in the window
you will get the benefit of backlight passing through your
piece allowing it to glow. Glass which has a much stronger
color, will benefit from a front lighting. This places the
light source in the direction from where the viewer stands,
bringing out the colors on the surface of the glass.