Come Rain Sleet Sunshine Or Snow
Extreme environments are not a good thing for
artwork. Living by the sea with salt air and high humidity
will tend to make paintings on paper bow and bubble
creating a distorted aspect. Canvases will lose their stretch
after prolonged exposure to humid climates. If you live in a
very dry area this is a bigger problem because dryness can
cause the natural moisture in canvas to evaporate and the
canvas or the paint on it to start cracking.
If you live in an area where differences between the
heat of day and the cold of night vary significantly, keep
your artwork away from all windows. The extreme
temperature changes felt next to a window will cause a
warping in the art where it will expand during the day and
contract in the evening.
If it's cold enough where you live to chap your lips,
it's cold enough to cause cracking in your canvas. If where
you live it's hot enough to scare Tarzan, the heat conditions
will expand your canvas and then when you come home and
turn on the air conditioning the canvas will contract, again
leaving you with a warped image. If you do have an
expensive art collection I would suggest setting your air
conditioning to a constant temperature between 75 and 80
degrees Fahrenheit.
The temperature in your home is where most of
the danger comes from, not so much dryness or
humidity, those have to be extreme like in Phoenix, Arizona
or Miami Beach, Florida for the dryness or humidity to
become issues. Heat and cold are the biggest enemies; as
long as you keep your home within cozy limits for
yourself, you'll find your artwork responds very well
to the same.