Getting Your Art Insured
If you have even one artwork you love at home you
should give serious thought to your home insurance
policies. All policies are not created equal, call your
insurance company and ask them,  "What does your
insurance cover by way of art?" Most insurance won't
cover much and the insurance agent will probably tell you
what you need is an art rider. This is just a fancy way of
saying, "It's going to cost you more money to get the
insurance you want."
Make sure your art rider is for the replacement
value of the artwork, not the purchase price. If you
suffer a loss at least you will be covered up to the full value
of the piece's current appreciated value. This can really help
if you are trying to have the exact piece replaced or would
rather get several newer works of lesser value.
When you're looking to find the replacement value of
your piece a good idea is to ask any gallery you trust for a
certificate of appraisal, which is a written certificate
stating the works fair market value. This is also something
you should get from the gallery when you buy the artwork,
because most insurance companies will want this even if
you're only buying a $2,000 piece.
On the other hand, if you purchased your piece
from EBay or with Joe-Online-Art-Broker who may or may
not be in business anymore, you're definitely welcome to
start calling around to see if there's some gallery willing to
give you a certified appraisal.