Protecting Your Art
Protecting your art can mean something as simple as
knowing how to repair your piece or how to keep oily hands
off it and range into more serious matters such having the
right level of theft and fire insurance. You'd be surprised
to see how quickly a nice evening around the
fireplace or a friend's visit can turn into a nightmare
for your artwork.
In a 1997 exhibition, Marcus Harvey displayed a
controversial painting titled "Myra." This was a large
monochrome piece of the criminal Myra Hindley. Because of
the nature of her crimes a crowd of protesters attacked the
work with eggs and ink.
In a bid to salvage the art, experts were called in:
"At the time all the restorers who were consulted said it was
beyond repair,"
Marcus Harvey refusing to let his work go down in flames
decided to repair it himself... using Ajax."
The moral of the story: You can never be too careful
with your art.