Sculpture Schemes
There's a segment of the knock-off market which
deals with low cost sculpture reproductions. Most factories
manufacturing these reproductions inhabit Mexico, China,
and India. They mass duplicate works by well-established
artists and masters.  You will see reproductions of "The
Thinker" by Rodan, sculptures by Ecart, Michelangelo and
countless other artists. These reproductions sell for several
hundred dollars to a maximum of two thousand dollars. But
you will find merchant-thieves who often pass these
off for outrageous fortunes.
I've seen stores purported to be antique dealers
selling some of these novelty sculptures as "antiques,"
deceptively pricing them for thousands of dollars beyond
anything resembling a fair price. There was a pair of parrots
reproduced by a bronze factory in Mexico. The warehouse
had a suggested retail price on the birds of one thousand
dollars a piece. A gallery I visited had the pair for sale
at ten thousand dollars.  Therefore, make sure you
inquire if the work you are looking at is an original piece
done by the noted artist, cast under his or her supervision,
or is this something reproduced without the artist's direct
Look for yourself and see if the sculpture is signed
and numbered by the artist. Ask if the sculptor who created
the image authorized the piece, and most importantly can
the gallery provide you with a certificate of authenticity. If
the certificate of authenticity is not there or if it has no
artist signature on it, this is a clear giveaway you are not
looking at an authentic piece.
When you see the copycatting of living artists, to the
untrained eye, differences between the knock-off and