How To Spot A Master Value Item
When an artist is considered to have works sell at
Master level prices, it usually means the artist is deceased.
He or She was considered a master of their meter and art.
When an artist begins selling for hundreds of thousands of
dollars they are entering the first levels of Master's pricing
value item. Some artists reach this level based on their
association with more famous masters.  For example, a
student of Rembrandt may sell for several hundred thousand
dollars, while Rembrandt himself sells for millions of dollars.
Master value items are normally bought and sold
through private auctions, even though they may not sell for
millions of dollars or be signed by a mega-famous master. If
you discover your work to be associated with the student or
the student of the student to a world renowned painter, you
will most likely have to go through an auction for the sale.
At this point contact a certified art appraiser, other than
the one used by the auction house, and have them do
independent research. It's money worth spending.