gallery has to notify you your piece has sold. Five to ten
days is within reason.
If the gallery route is not for you, feel free to contact
the artists themselves. They may have collector's waiting in
the wings to purchase your piece. The artist will not ask
for a commission and will just put you in touch with the
other person letting the deal by arranged amongst
The publisher is another avenue altogether. If you
find an art dealer is for some reason, not being very
cooperative, the next step is contacting the art publisher.
Art dealers who understand what you want will have little
trouble providing the contact information for an artist's
publisher. Contacting the publisher directly is also
helpful when tracking the current value for an artist,
especially one who has changed publishers since your
purchase. You may also own an artist whose work is older
and outside the normal style of what many galleries carry
and they will not know how to value the piece. Your best
resource again is the artist's art publisher.
Should you find your work has become an antique or
master value item, contact a Certified Art Appraiser.
Certified art appraisers are professionals who do research
through various records tracing the artist values from when
they were first established through the current day. The
best way to find a certified art appraiser is the Internet. You
could also contacting your insurance company and ask who
they recommend you use, or your local gallery may be
helpful in locating an appraiser. But always be sure to
ask the art appraiser for referrals you can contact
and be sure to call these people and ask about their
experience with the service.