Selling Your Art
There are some pieces you purchase for life, pieces
you keep because of the sentimental value. And then, there
is artwork you were absolutely crazy about 10 years
ago, but today find yourself having stopped noticing it. The
artwork has faded into the background.  This is a good
indication you may want to sell this piece. Maybe go look
for a new item you are now moved to own.
Like our taste for clothes, literature and nearly all else
in life, our taste for art undergoes its own evolution. When
your tastes have evolved beyond a work you have, it is in
your best interest to look for an opportunity to profit from
selling your art.  If you have been working with a
knowledgeable art dealer whose guidance led you to good
choices when you first made the purchase, you will find
these pieces have become of great value after ten or twenty
There are countless art patrons who often find the
original or edition series they love to be sold out, forcing
them to enter a period of waiting for the first availability of
the art work they are seeking. When you're ready to pass
along your piece and you know your artist's current value
(because you did your research), it's time to explore the
market and see who is buying what you have to sell.
Which is by no means an easy task.
Unless you own an art gallery, selling your art may
prove to be a challenge at first.  It's not so easy to
convert your $50 thousand dollar artwork into $50
thousand dollars cash. But your first step is contact
galleries who carry the artist on display. They may have
clients who are waiting for the piece you have or you may