The Bus Tour
My advice is, don't take the water taxi and free VIP
tour into Murano.  Ask for the waterbus stop near the
hospital, which you can easily find and go to the waterbus
stop. The waterbus is essentially a public ferry for people,
but don't take it from Plaza St. Mark, unless you want to sit
on the boat for fifty minutes as it makes all the stops around
Venice before going to Murano. From the hospital it's a five-
minute ride on the waterbus. By going your own route into
Murano you will have the ease of walking the island at your
pace and leisure, getting a real feel for what's going on.
There are so many hot shops with display
galleries it's almost impossible to visit them all in one
day. Almost all the hot shops you will walk into are family
owned and operated. The techniques and family secrets are
passed down generation to generation. In the work area
you may find the master glass blower having his
grandnephew fetching tools, while his nephew uses the
blowtorch and his sons hold the glass steady in the glory
For centuries the government of Italy was afraid the
secret of glass blowing would get out to other countries.
Therefore, glass artists were not allowed to leave the island,
for a vacation. If you were a glass blower on Murano, you
would vacation on Murano.
Because of the many families of glass blowers
working, competing and stuck together on the same island
for generations, feuds like those of the Capulets and
Montagues are legendary. To this day some of these
feuds run so deep, if you're from Murano and do business
with one family, you're never doing business with the
families who oppose them.