All of the works have been purchased from several of
the master artists on the island.
If you appear affluent, after your visit to the main
gallery, you will be taken to see the pieces done by the
house maestro.
The pieces will be significantly large
glassworks, attractive, and often quite luring. If you look
closely you will find a glass seal on each piece--- the seal is
your assurance this is a unique one-of-a-kind work
the maestro will never repeat--- take this with a big
grain of salt!  Because you will very likely see the exact
piece sold in Plaza St. Mark, for much less, but without the
If you ask to the factory, "Why would you pay 3 or 4
times more for this piece than one in you saw at Plaza St.
Mark?' They will happily assure you this seal makes the
work unique in-and-of-itself, because the pieces in Plaza
St. Mark don't have this very special seal. Personally, I
don't know if this seal is really worth 3 to 4 times the value
of the artwork, but I could be wrong.
Like many tourist destinations Venice and Murano are
definitely taking advantage of tourists.  In general, the
values at these factories are tremendously inflated with
prices doubling and quadrupling those in the Plaza
St. Mark. A scary thought when you remember the prices
in Plaza St. Mark are at least double those in the U.S.