Your Ten Minute Tour Of Murano Italy
The island of Murano is located just off the coast of
Venice. Depending on where in Venice you board, it is a five
to fifty minute boat ride away.  The island is home to
hundreds of different glass artists and hot shops. The top
glass blowers in the world come from Murano, meaning they
either were born on Murano or studied there for many years
and now live somewhere else. It should be noted several
Murano glassblowers are peerless in the glass world.
Murano and Venice are close, so when you hear
Venetian glass it means it came from Murano. Because the
city of Venice is made out of wood, there are almost no
glass hot shops on this island and all the glass hot shops are
centered in Murano.  There is a popular destination in
Venice, called Plaza St. Mark; all the glass you see here
also comes from Murano.
Plaza St. Mark is an incredible tourist trap in the
middle of Venice and probably the biggest tourist destination
in the city. Nearly all the glass in the plaza sells for
double or triple what the same piece retails for back
in America.