design produced by workmen in the size of an average
ashtray, sell for six thousand dollars with his signature on
the piece. This broad range of values makes it easier
for unscrupulous galleries to take unfair advantage
of the glass market.
Many artists are not able to produce a high number of
quality pieces quickly and it becomes difficult to find even a
truly good artist in multiple galleries. But if you find your
artist in three galleries around the country you can have a
fair indication of their value. If the piece is of significant
value, you may want to speak with the publisher or
artist and get a better feel for where the artist is in
their career.
It has come to the point in our tour where we will be
taking a quick trip to the island of Murano Italy. Don't try
this by yourself without luggage or a passport - it won't
Here we go. Get ready for take off...