The Final Word On Art Negotiation
When you negotiate for wall art, you should try to
have the piece unframed.  This will lower the price
significantly as well as allow you to choose the best frame
for your piece. Most galleries will gladly keep the frame and
reduce the sales price. If you are negotiating the price, the
frame or whatever else, remember it's important to enjoy
the experience.
Purchasing art should not be stressful. If you feel like
your being pressured, if the stress is coming on, if you
feel making the payments is going to make your life misery,
as much as I hate to admit it, this may not be the right time
for you to purchase this artwork.
The most important thing to keep in mind when
negotiating is, at the end of the negotiation you're
going to wind up living with this art and having to look
at it everyday - hopefully enjoying it! If the negotiation
process goes horribly and the artwork reminds you of this
negative experience; you may find it will have lost a great
deal of value for you. I feel keeping the first connection of
when up saw your piece is more important than saving an
extra four or five percent off.  Negotiations should be
balanced with the personal value you have for the art. Don't
let a desire to `squeeze the last penny' out of the gallery mar
the sentimental value of the art you found on vacation or to
celebrate a special date for you.