Chapter 8
The Art Of Art Negotiation
Negotiating artwork is definitely an art in itself.
And I can only recommend you negotiate with established
and reputable galleries.  You will of course find many
galleries willing to haggle and reduce prices for artwork they
buy at closeout, but when it comes to the negotiation of
valuable fine art, these tactics are more useless than most
Let's say the piece you want to buy has found you,
you've checked the established value and the artist
reputation, and now you're walking into the art gallery
armed with knowledge and perhaps counteroffers from the
galleries you have called.
Here's where most people make their first
serious mistake. They take the prices from the Internet
into the gallery and say "I like the painting and I really want
to make a deal but, John Smith from such and such gallery
just told me he can send the piece from out-of-state at this
price, and you know what, there is no sales tax and he is
going to give me free shipping and either you beat his deal
or I walk.'
The second most serious mistake people make
is, they start quoting lower prices than what they actually
found or were given. This is a sure-fire way to have a very
unpleasant experience because most art dealers know what
the artwork in their gallery goes for online and in other
shops.  Remember, they make a living by knowing the
market and what a person realistically pays when shopping
Either way, coming in with hard tactics and fast
prices the gallery must meet or beat is quite an