Gallery Manners
Twentieth Century-Fox founder Darryl F. Zanuck who
was very much a regular kind of guy was visiting the Louvre
one day with friends in between meetings - and loudly
declares to his party: "Hurry up. We gotta be outa this joint
in twenty minutes!"
The bottom-line is, if you say something out of place
or make a verbal blunder... Don't sweat it!  By using
common sense and a polite attitude you'll be just fine. But
there are some common situations, which you are better-off
forewarned about.
Taking pictures in a gallery of any artwork is
definitely considered bad manners. The artist who
produced the work owns the copyright to it, and the gallery
has the license to display these works. But the gallery's
rights do not extend to people taking photographs. A lot of
artists have become leery of people walking around with
high-end digital cameras and using photos to create
knockoffs of their works.
Also put your cell phone on silent or off, should
you need to speak on the phone be sure to go outside.  If
you happen to be with kids allow them to enjoy the art but
be sure neither you nor they touch or tear anything. Your
definition of broken and the gallery's will be very
different. Even a small mistake of this nature could leave
you with a huge bill. If you have a doubt about touching or
taking a picture feel free to ask.