in your area and should you get into a grudge with your
current art dealer you may have to travel quite far or have
your artwork shipped to you from other states depending on
how and where the next authorized dealer is located.
If the art dealer, instead of describing to you why this
artist is important, telling you about the techniques, telling
you about the artist and his or her background, starts going
into a long lecture on the investment and appreciation
values of this artist, run for the hills. Especially if the art
dealers tells you, "Oh in 5 years this artwork is going to
be X amount of dollars", this person is lying to you. And
they're only interest in you is in trying to sell you as many
pieces as you are willing to buy.
The unscrupulous art dealer will not care what the
client likes, what are the real values of an artist or how their
shady practices damage the industry as a whole.