Dirty Art Gallery Secrets
With the recent expansion of both the American
mega-shopping plaza and the growing number of people
now willing and able to buy fine art, corporations have
gone to work on carving their niche. By now there are
corporate owned and franchised art galleries across the US
in everything from the mega malls to store front locations in
popular shopping zones. Many have a unique name working
under "contract" for a larger corporation; this gives each
shop a "private-gallery-feel."  Because this is still a chain
gallery you will most likely be dealing with an art
salesperson whose interest is selling artwork. They may or
may not care about the art, the artist, or you. If they "own"
the gallery the "large national network" they are
"members" of tells them what art to sell.
If it's a franchise or corporate owned chain, the stores
are told what to sell and then you're really just dealing with
a sales person. Most are sharp, friendly, and know enough
about art to be dangerous. Begin to walk away and watch
how hungry for you to buy they become.
Many chain galleries give the impression that because
it's a larger enterprise with more galleries represented by
one major art buyer you're going to get a better deal. This
is not the case. It's a 100% outrageous lie, because in the
art world, artists and publishers are both interested in
building reputation and price value for the artwork.  They
have no interest in lowering prices or giving discount offers
to major buyers.
Artists and publishers know if they begin selling at
bulk rates the major buyers will sell the artwork at below
value prices forcing independently owned galleries to enter
into a price war against the larger chains. Once the private