But no matter what gallery you visit, if a piece or
artist is of interest the gallery should be able to further
educate you on the work or creator behind it. By yourself
how would you know this is one of the top sculptors or
painters in Canada? Do you know what this artist has done
in the past? Why was this particular work done? Why did
the gallery owner choose to put it on the wall? Is it
the style, is it the look of the artwork or is it simply because
the artist is someone renowned?  This gives you the
opportunity to start comparing your own feelings about the
If you find yourself dealing with the gallery owner you
may notice he or she takes a unique pride in each piece they
present. Each painting or sculpture described with more
love and brilliance than the one before, almost as if they
were the painters and sculptors. This is not a false pride. In
a very real way, this is the gallery owner's collection, and
each piece strikes a chord in their soul. The chosen displays
are a reflection of what he or she feels is important.
Therefore, they're going to stand with quite a bit of buzzing
energy behind each work. Always keep in mind they are
there to sell you artwork but if they're an honest art
dealer and the artwork is not right for you, they will not
try to force you into buying it.
On the other hand, if you do like the artwork, an
experienced gallery owner will spot it. And will give you the
feeling of walking into the art through the story they share
with you. You feel as if you know the artist without having
met them, almost as if you were standing watching as the
piece was created.  Through the benefit of this gallery
owner's knowledge you will gain an experience beyond
words and you will have a story to tell about your trip and
the art, which so impactfully captivated you.