Art Galleries And Art Dealers
There are thousands of art galleries in America alone
and when you first walk into one you may feel some
reservations or nervousness. This is because an art gallery's
environment is usually very uncommon from what we are
used to experiencing. Even seasoned art lovers are never
really sure of what they're going to find, as each gallery
winds up being very different. Because art is subjective, the
gallery becomes a reflection of the owner's taste and soul.
I found there are basically two types of galleries. One
is where, after seven minutes of getting through the door
you're pounced upon by the art salesperson. After a polite
introduction and memorization of your name the sales
person then proceeds to tell you everything and anything
about the art, the artist and the publisher you may or may
not want to know.
The second art gallery is a more contemporary art
gallery. You can tell you've arrived because you will be
standing inside a big white cube. The paintings are spaced
out on the walls and there is an attendant sitting behind the
desk flipping through magazines.  They will continue doing
so as you walk around the gallery puzzled by bright red
squares painted on canvas selling for 50, 60 or 100
thousand dollars.  If you make an inquiry as to the
value versus what's actually painted, the attendant will
put down their magazine and quickly inform you, "This art
really has more to do with the name of the artist than the
art itself." And if you want red squares by an artist who this
gallery owner considers worth noticing, then by all means
spend your 50 or 100 thousand dollars and enjoy!