More Online Art Scams
You will find links to con artist who set up web sites
looking like an art broker's site.  But in this case you get
completely ripped-off! These scams are perpetrated using
things like PayPal and fake escrow sites. If you get a bad
feeling from the broker when you call, do yourself a favor
and go somewhere else. Especially if the price seems
too-good-to-be-true, such as prices at 50% off, 40%
off there's something not quite right with the scenario.
Watch out on the Internet for pieces made in China.
Today there is an entire industry profiting from copying and
selling the paintings of well-known artists.  The more
sophisticated scams will go as far as using oil paints
on canvas; h o w e v e r , when you look closely at the
signature on the canvas you will notice it is not the name of
the famous artist who originally painted this work. Some of
these pieces are sold for thirty or forty dollars, others for
two or three hundred dollars and yet others sell for several
thousand dollars.
Even though some copies are done with oil on canvas
the quality of the materials is an issue. The canvas is coarse
and not of any quality. The paint formulations have dullness
and lifelessness to them. And because these pieces are
hand-copied, the Chinese artists are paid on a per
piece basis making the incentive speed. You will see
where a lot of short cuts were taken and if you get this piece
close to an authentic edition, you will see obvious
marked differences. There is a question as to how long
these works will last, and they are definitely a copyright
infringement, which in no way benefits the artist who
struggled for the real piece's creation.