Online Art Brokers
You will find free links or sponsor links on many
search engines for someone called an art broker (also
known as an online art dealer). These are people who resell
artwork on the net. Some will tell you they have brand new
artworks from established artist ready to sell. Be in doubt,
as today's art industry tends to control who has access to
artworks by well-known artists. Most of these art brokers
are getting you an item someone has already possessed, or
they are somehow buying this item on the sly from a
"private source." In any event, there are several reasons to
avoid this type of dealer.
The main reason is the support behind the art. You
are buying something of great value sentimentally because
you have fallen in love with it and you are paying a lot of
money for bringing this love into your life. Should this work
be found defective in some way, not apparent on the
surface... say, the wrong type of varnish was used and it
begins to bubble in a year... Should you try to return this
piece to the manufacturer or publisher, they could inform
you, you didn't buy this piece through an authorized
dealer and they don't support purchases made
outside of their authorized dealer base. Not all
manufactures and publishers have this policy; some will
stand behind their product no matter where you got it.
However, if the work is of high value, such as a sculpture
which needs to be re-patinaed, or a wall piece with
scratches, you may very well be left in a situation where
something you paid a great deal of money for is worthless
as a sales item and you have no recourse.
More importantly, most brokers have a difficult time
getting certificates of authenticity. Publishers nowadays
take the view that certificates of authenticity are