the art. The other note of caution is, EBay only works with
PayPal giving you no purchase security.
Unless you're prepared to take some fairly heavy risks
with your money online or on EBay, stay as far away as you
There's a true story of a man who tried to acquire a
very expensive sculpture by a very well known artist and
found it to be half price on EBay. My advice to him was to
save a lot of headaches and not go through EBay, but the
temptation of the hunt was too strong. He sent $10,000 to
a lady in Nevada who claimed to have the sculpture. When
the sculpture didn't arrive he was dismayed. The local
district attorney's office, eventually through endless
pestering from the man, wound up investigating the whole
The discovery... the lady had sold 7 or 8 of these
sculptures to various people and no one is now certain she
ever had even one.