Art On EBay
EBay is an interesting subject to tackle. We all know
EBay as a good place to buy used and discounted items.
Used sports equipment, collectables, home decorations,
even laptops can be had for decent prices on EBay. Artwork
on the other hand is not an EBay success story. The whole
mentality behind the thrill of the hunt on EBay pushes
people to a greater extreme with art because it's a very
emotional type of purchase. The more involved people
become, the more the bidding gets hot and heavy... they
start saying, "I must have this work... there is only
one." Chances are, in the long run you're going to wind up
spending more on online than you would have paid for the
same piece at a local gallery.
Another danger with online purchases from unknown
sources is the condition of the piece. Artworks' value is
determined from a pristine condition without any
flaws, whatsoever. If there's a corner just-a-little-bent it
can mean the difference between an artwork worth a great
deal of money and one worth absolutely nothing. A small
tear, the finest hairline scratch and the price value could be
driven into the ground. And you have no way of telling until
the piece is in your hands and then you have no way of
getting a refund.
Here's another way to get ripped-off on EBay...
Say you are purchasing an artwork through EBay and the
seller suggests using an `escrow site', call or contact EBay
to verify this `escrow site' is in fact one they have worked
with in the past and is reputable by their standards. In
recent years "sellers" have been setting up fake escrow
sites, getting you the buyer to send money to the phony
`escrow site' and then disappearing without ever sending out