Chapter 6
Everything You Need To Know
About Buying Art Online
If you are making a significant purchase of over two
thousand dollars on the Internet,
Make sure you speak with the seller on
the phone.
Use a credit card with buyer protection. Don't
assume your card has the protection, ask the
credit card company.
By taking these two steps you put your self in good
hands for buying artwork online whether you've met the
seller or not.
If there's an online business selling art and you hear,
"We only accept payment through PayPal," this should send
up a red flag in your head, because most legitimate
businesses will have the ability to take your credit card order
by phone without using PayPal. PayPal is usually used for
online sales between two individuals. If a business is using
this as their main source for taking credit cards, it's an
indication the seller is most likely a person working from
h o m e .  Feel free to ask lots of questions about their
business, if you feel a reluctance or resistance, pass on
the deal.
Buyers Beware, PayPal does not provide any safety
for you. If you pay for something using PayPal and you do
not get your item, when you call your credit card company
to get a full refund, your credit card company will inform
you, PayPal has in fact performed their obligations by giving