the beautiful shores of Hawaii where most goods are
imported  from the mainland and heavy import cost and
taxes force prices to rise three or four times over what
they are in the rest of the country? Somebody has to be
paying for this as well... and... it'll probably be you if you
end up buying the artwork right there on the spot!)
Find an Internet café and look up your artist. If the
price is good, `hey, you're on vacation, this person was
nice enough to be in the place and time where you
were going to find your best memories, give them
the business.'  But if you find there is a great deal of
difference in price, then it's your choice. In any event, doing
a bit of research even for a small purchase of three or
four thousand dollars can save as much as one
thousand dollars.
If you decide not to pay the premium and you have
an art dealer back home, use your connection there and call
to ask if they would be able to get you the piece. If
your local gallery cannot provide the service, you should
contact the galleries you did find carrying the artist and
make arrangements to perhaps purchase from them.
But if you are visiting the sweet sands of Hawaii and
the artist whose work has struck a chord with you, is a
local and their art doesn't really get off the island...
Well then... you are audience and critic. You alone have to
make the decision if this work's value is true and if you will
submit your approval of the artist, the art and the price by
taking out your wallet and paying the monies asked.