Buying Art On The Road
When traveling on vacation or for business you will
often find a work, which overwhelmingly draws you.
This happens too many of us because with the day-to-day
demands of our civilization we are often left without time for
parks, families or visits to galleries and museums. When
you travel away from home especially on vacation, you're
free; you create and share unforgettable moments in a new
place. The desire to capture the memories with something
we take home and have as a source of instant transport to
the ecstasy and grace of our travels is a natural extinct in us
Should you and cupid's arrow meet in a gallery along
one of your journeys make sure you take the time to learn
of your new love before going home together.  A s k
Do I think this is something native only to this
(If you`re in Alaska, and find carved walrus tusks by a
local artist you like and want to compare his values,
chances are even if you called every gallery in the rest of
the country you would not find a similar set of walrus
tusks. On the other hand, if you find a painting by an
artist out of New Jersey in Alaska, you have a hundred
percent chance she sells in other states as well.)
Am I in a high rent destination or popular tourist
(Are you standing in front of the world famous Las Vegas
lights? Somebody needs to be paying the electric bill for
those. Are you looking over into the Pacific Ocean from