Sculpture Savvy
It is not unheard of and actually happens more often
than not, where the exact same patina cannot be
reproduced. Patinas are a handmade process and what the
bronze takes one way before, it may take a significantly
different way the next. I've seen variations in patina, by the
same patina artist, go anywhere from brown to pink into
red. And the sculpting artist felt these variations where all
acceptable. So if you are standing in front of the sculpture,
don't let the gallery order and drop ship the piece to you.
Insist the piece you see is the piece you get. And the
best way to assure this is to write down the edition
number of the sculpture on your invoice before
finalizing the purchase.  Don't worry about getting a
different piece with the same numbers, because a gallery
would be very hard-pressed to produce a second
sculpture with the same edition number. If they did,
there would be no end to their legal nightmare.
By the way, if you hear the words with Bronze
Dust, know the person is talking about a resin sculpture.
No matter how fancy or valuable the seller may make the
piece sound, it's nothing more than cast resin with
bronze dust mixed into the work. Buying such an item
if you really love it is a wonderful way to enrich your life, but
don't expect it to retain value.