Buying Sculpture For Yourself
When buying your sculpture you can feel safe with
values in the neighborhood of six to eight thousand dollars,
if you love the piece. Any value beyond this point and you
should have an established basis for investing the money.
With sculpture, the reputation and ability of the artist to
increase in value becomes exponentially more important
than with wall art, because sculpture values vary to a higher
degree than wall art. Even small sculptures can command
prices of several thousand dollars, large pieces easily climb
into the tens of thousands of dollars, and life size pieces can
reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So once again,
there is no substitute for research. I've seen sculpture
prices vary so greatly, where the same artist and the same
edition sculpture was on sale for $90,000 in one gallery and
$32,000 at another gallery.
A big pricing trend in today's sculpture industry is to
increase the value of a sculpture as it continues selling
through an edition.  This is not absolute, but almost all
publishers have benchmarks, where when a certain number
or percentage of the edition has been sold the sculpture will
jump into the next price category. Wise collectors will note
the best deal can be had when the sculpture is first released.
You can get an even better deal if the publisher or artist
offers special pre-publication prices.
With a pre-publication offer you get to see the clay or
wax model or a picture of the model and if you have the
courage to go forward and order the piece, you will benefit
from a pre-publication discount between twenty to twenty-
five percent, below the initial release price. By simply
looking at a wax model or picture of a model you cannot tell
too much, unless you know this artist and habitually like
their pieces. You may benefit from such a purchase even