Art Market Trends
The art market definitely has trends, whether it's
the trendy preference in color pallets or the mimicking of
popular subjects in society.  Right now earth tones are very
popular, where five years ago primary colors had the
spotlight. Trends will many times be started by the subjects
of the current times.  These crazes or gimmicks within
the art market are always changing and replaced by
the latest fad.
A big craze today is toward the depiction of wine
bottles.  There are between twenty and thirty artists today
working to create hyper-realistic paintings of wine bottles
and wine glasses.  The many people who today find
themselves lucky enough to begin a wine cellar collection
have supported this current trend. By naturally wanting art,
which matches this new addition to their life, a huge
wave was launched.
All trends get replaced sooner or later and as long as
you have not been caught-up in the craze and paid
thirty or forty thousand dollars for an original "wine
bottle painting" but instead got yourself a good looking
reproduction, believe me, you've gotten your money's worth
in the years to come. These pieces can be aesthetically
pleasing, although as the hype winds down the art work will
probably not go up in value as readily as other things.